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Seminars and Events

Las Vegas Money Show, May 14th - May 17th, 2007
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Weiss Capital Management, Inc. Conference Call Recordings

January 16th, 2007
Our Portfolio Managers and Sub-Advisers discuss:

  • A brief re-cap of 2006;
  • What the trends and markets are telling us for 2007;
  • What we see ahead for various asset classes;
  • What investment opportunities lie ahead for 2007.
June 7, 2006 - WCM Quarterly Update
Our June 7 client conference call was designed to bring you the latest thinking from our portfolio management team and sub-advisers about the markets, the economy and each of their respective programs. They also discussed what changes they have made to the portfolios, if any, in light of current market conditions and their outlook.

March 1, 2006 - WCM Quarterly Update
The Weiss Capital Management portfolio management team discusses:
  • What happened in 2005;
  • What the markets are telling us in 2006;
  • What we see ahead for sectors, regions, countries, and various asset classes;
  • What we are avoiding and why;
  • What opportunities lie ahead in 2006 for clients in our respective programs.
December 6, 2005 - Weiss Total Return Convertibles
Mike Carr and Lyn Brown, President and Executive Vice President, respectively, of Carr & Associates (sub-advisor to the Weiss Total Return Convertibles program) will provide you with an update on the program, their outlook for 2006, and how the program is positioned to provide a combination of above-average income, moderate growth, and low risk using high-grade convertible bonds and convertible preferred stocks.

Mike and Lyn want to take advantage of the current interest rate environment, as well as their outlook for stocks and the US and global economies in an effort to enhance the program's total return.

November 16, 2005 - WCM Sector Series ETF Sector Rotation: Concentrated
Dan Ascani, portfolio manager of the new WCM Sector Series ETF Sector Rotation: Concentrated program explains how this program will provide you with access to many sectors of the US and international equity markets, as well as other asset classes (including fixed-income, gold and commodities). He tells you about his methodology for selecting ETFs for the program, who should consider investing and why.

April 25, 2005 - Weiss Total Return Convertibles
Learn the specifics of Weiss Capital Management Inc.'s convertible securities management approach, in coordination with the program's Sub-Advisor, Carr & Associates, Inc.

Highlights of the call include:

  • Why sticking with a convertible strategy in a volatile environment for stocks AND bonds, makes prudent investment sense.

  • How convertible securities have the potential to protect you from downside risk but simultaneously allow you to participate in the upside of an equity market.

  • Why this investment strategy is designed to provide generous current income.

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